Weekly Bits – March 24

FOOD SYSTEMS – Teresa Wiemerslage & Kayla Koether

NEW CASE STUDY  The term shepherding calls to mind images of fluffy white sheep grazing on a hillside, watched over by a keen-eyed caretaker and his dog. In a new case study featuring the NE Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative, shepherding refers to a method of developing strategic partnerships between a paid staff member of an organization such as extension, and local food systems stakeholders. Shepherding can be used to engage a multi-county region to create change in food systems. More. Continue reading

Weekly Bits – January 27

(Left) The Pepperfield Project recently reported the amount they produced in the Winnesheik Hospital courtyard edible landscape garden in 2016. Even with the extremely wet season, they grew 2215 pounds of produce, which includes 233 pounds of Kale, 100 pounds of Swiss Chard, 243 pounds of cabbage, 226 pounds of cucumbers, 231 pounds of butternut squash, and 453 pounds of Tomatoes. And this does not reflect the many flowers picked to cheer up patients rooms, nor the joy that the garden brought to the many people who viewed it every day. Continue reading