Adventures with Andi: Take a Hike!

Andi loves exploring, especially in the great outdoors. This summer we have gone on many hiking adventures. We love hiking at Phelp’s Park, Dunning Springs, and Lower Dam in Decorah, and this summer we began exploring hiking trails across Northeast Iowa. We loved Pikes Peak State Park in McGregor. The views were fantastic! Continue reading

Adventures with Andi: Kids in the Kitchen (Part 1)

Some of Andi’s favorite adventures are in the kitchen. When she was little she loved banging on pots and pans while the grownups cooked. As she got older, she was no longer satisfied sitting on the sidelines while everyone else had all the fun! Andi is now an active participant in many cooking adventures. She is great at stirring, dumping ingredients, and helping clean up – she loves to wipe up spills and helps sweep! Earlier this summer we bought local honey and baked honey wheat bread. Andi loved helping knead the dough. Continue reading

Adventures with Andi: Literacy, Fitness and Fun!

Many children’s books  inspire healthy food choices and fitness, even the unexpected ones. Be creative and have fun!! Last week Andi and I read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. After reading the book we went for a nature walk to look for spider webs. It was great fun, and as soon as we got home Andi wanted to read the book again! Continue reading

Adventures with Andi: Kayaking Fun and Boating Safety

Row, Row, Row, Your Boat!

This summer my husband and I took Andi kayaking for the first time. We started on a lake and recently had our first adventure on the river! Andi did not love the first voyage (she especially disliked her life jacket), but after a few more trips and time to get used to the life jacket, Andi loved it! We pack a favorite snack, sing songs, and spy cute animals along the way.  Boating is a great way to spend the 4th of July with your family. Think safety first and plan a water adventure of your own! Continue reading

Adventures with Andi: Farmers Markets

Andi’s latest adventure took us to local Farmers Markets. Andi enjoyed exploring the markets (she especially liked the free samples!), and she loved visiting new places, like the Farmers Market at the Driftless Nature Center in Marquette.  The market has local producers, food, and crafters as well as a beautiful view of the wetland. On Friday nights the market frequently features live music and educational/special programs. On Andi’s adventure she got to taste a spinach smoothie powered by a bicycle blender! Continue reading

Adventures with Andi: Literacy, Food and Fun!

Literacy, Food and Fun!

My daughter Andi and I are part of a Toddler Book Club in Decorah.   Each month we meet up with good friends to read books, play, create masterpieces, and eat yummy snacks.   Last month our host read the book Lunch by Denise Fleming. We were able to combine literacy, healthy foods, and fun! The book follows a very hungry mouse as he fills his tummy with delicious vegetables.  After reading the story the kids pretended to be little mice, using their fingers to scurry across paper with paint colors coinciding with the vegetables in the story. Continue reading