For Iowa’s food hubs, networking leads to solutions

by Kayla Koether
Food Systems Specialist


More and more, locally grown food graces the grocery lists of Iowans looking to support their local economy and purchase fresh, source-verified products. While local food is becoming accessible in more venues, most consumers don’t realize that many small food businesses are working very hard behind the scenes (and doing so in partnership with non-profits and extension) to bring those products to the marketplace. Their goal: to support more farmers and make local food accessible to a wider range of consumers. Continue reading

Weekly Bits – May 26

Beef…it’s what was for lunch at MFL MarMac Elementary, as staff and students feasted on hamburgers grilled by the Clayton County Beef Producers. The meat was both raised and processed locally, thanks to FFI and the Iowa Food Hub. Afterward, the second graders enjoyed a presentation by the Clayton County Beef Queen, Hayley Kann. She taught them about beef cattle, then gave students cow-shaped cookies. It was a sweet way to end the day and also to celebrate May Beef Month.

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