Annual Walk at Central Community Schools

This year marks the 2nd Annual Walk hosted by Central Community Schools!  The walk was well organized in partnership with the new school nurse at Central, Meghan Bergan.  All grades PreK-12 students and staff embarked on an adventure to Founder’s Park on Wednesday, October 4.  It was a beautifully sunny warm fall day and we were celebrating wellness by walking during the school day.  Elementary walked in the morning and Junior/High school walked in the afternoon.  The students returned to their classrooms with their brains ready to learn after activating them by walking and taking a short break outdoors. Continue reading

Turkey Valley Spring Seed Starting Day

Turkey Valley usually has an annual Spring planting day, and I was lucky to be a major part of it this year.  With the help of Mrs. Vsetecka, Turkey Valley’s garden champion, I gathered some seeds and materials.  It was essential to have staff coordination and support for this day to go so well.  I was excited to finally feel like Spring is here and so were the kids!  The Preschool classrooms, Kindergarten, First and Second grades all planted seeds and watered them.  We left the seeds with some extra love, thanks, and good luck wishes to grow healthy this Spring.  We are eager to get our hands dirty in the garden and to taste some delicious vegetables! Continue reading

Sprouting Spuds!

In Head Start this month I’m starting out by doing a potato-sprouting lesson. In this lesson, the kids get to be scientists and conduct an experiment! They learn that potatoes grow under the ground and there’s a lot of hard work involved in digging them up. They learned about the different sizes, shapes, and colors of potatoes grown locally in Iowa. The kids worked on putting together a puzzle that shows the progression of the growth of the potato plant, then observed local potatoes and their puzzles with magnifying glasses. We finished up the lesson by doing our experiment of putting a potato in a jar of water. They made predictions of what would happen to the potato, and discussed what it needs to begin to sprout! Continue reading


As I sit and write, I’m reflecting on how gracious I am to truly be making a difference.


After being in school for years and dreaming from behind a desk of becoming a Food Corps service member with the mentality that I would have a huge impact on the health of our country; on the health of our children. Health and wellness has always been my passion, my goal, and my drive. Continue reading