My Experience with Farm to Early Childhood

I can’t believe my second and final service term is winding down. I have been partnering with the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative (FFI) for about seven years now in both my personal and professional life. I have especially been able to enhance my experience and relationship with FFI through my experience as an Early Childhood FoodCorps service member. I have gained countless life-long relationships and have learned valuable lessons and skills. I had the really unique opportunity to be the first Early Childhood specific service member and it has been an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience. Continue reading

Annual Walk at Central Community Schools

This year marks the 2nd Annual Walk hosted by Central Community Schools!  The walk was well organized in partnership with the new school nurse at Central, Meghan Bergan.  All grades PreK-12 students and staff embarked on an adventure to Founder’s Park on Wednesday, October 4.  It was a beautifully sunny warm fall day and we were celebrating wellness by walking during the school day.  Elementary walked in the morning and Junior/High school walked in the afternoon.  The students returned to their classrooms with their brains ready to learn after activating them by walking and taking a short break outdoors. Continue reading