Fun Indoor Activities for You and Your Children

An extended break over the summer is something we all look forward to. Kids are ready to play outside, and everyone loves the long, warm days; endless activities lie ahead! But, a long break during March, when we’re all in the middle of the school routine is a little less shiny. Adding the stress of worrying about COVID-19, and being at home without play-dates, camps, grandparents, and less than ideal weather can get pretty overwhelming. Continue reading

Importance of ‘Together We Grow Healthy Kids’

Together We Grow Healthy Kids. This is the tagline for Farm to Early Care and Education. It perfectly sums up the work I do as a F2ECE Associate with Postville Headstart. My role is twofold: to provide monthly lessons for Head Start preschool children and to organize events for parents to connect and learn. Through forming relationships with teachers and parents, my work contributes to the mission of growing healthy kids – together. Continue reading

Winter Activities to do as a Family

Winter is a tricky time of year.  It’s cold but there’s no snow to play in, or you get a great snowfall, then in rains and everything is ice, or it’s -20 out and unsafe to do anything outside.  But, there is always something you can do to get kids (and adults) active in the winter.  And as a mother of 3 boys, I know it’s crucial to get outside to play! Continue reading

Farm to Early Care and Education at Waukon Head Start

In my 4 visits with the Waukon Head Start classrooms, I’ve been excited about what Sandy and the other teachers in Waukon A have been doing with foods of the month.  Our first food was apples, and Sandy had several apple worksheets for the kids, and had apple seeds for them to explore, and perhaps plant.  After my cauliflower visit, she found a couple of YouTube videos on cauliflower, and had the kids watch them as they danced around to the music.  There was a big poster of different colors of cauliflower on the door to the classroom, as well as the F2ECE cauliflower slick. Continue reading