SLEEP! We all need it.

Sleep is something all of us need. Some more than others but we all still need plenty of sleep to and not only function but to grow and develop, especially children.




According to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, sleep is very important for learning, memory and health and good daytime habits can improve sleep.


So, what are those habits that we should be doing and teaching our children to do? Simple – basically 3 things. Move, eat healthy and nap.


Being physically during the day will make it easier for children to fall asleep. However, if you let your child have too much screen time (this has been research and published) it will be more difficult for sleeping at night.


Eating a healthier diet will give children the ability to fall asleep. Limit sugar and caffeine prior to bedtime. Plus, it is valuable for all of us but especially children to have a designated bedtime when all lights are out (even the blue light on tables and phones).


Young children still need naps even if they don’t think they are necessary. They need more sleep than older children. Make time for naps to prevent overtiredness.


So, by now you may be asking how much sleep a child should get, including naps.  The Cleveland Clinic recommends the following.

  • 0-3 months – 12-17 hours daily
  • 4-12 months – 12-16 hours daily
  • 1-2 years – 11-14 hours daily
  • 3-5 years – 10-13 hours daily
  • 6-12 – 9-13 hours daily


You can usually tell if children are getting enough sleep by their daytime behaviors and attitude.

Sleep Well!

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