Read about Outstanding Preschool Teacher, Mrs. Converse

Sara Converse, Preschool Teacher at Turkey Valley Community School is a Farm to Early Care and Education (F2ECE) Champion.


She has accomplished so much in her classrooms over the years both at Turkey Valley and at West Union Head Start.  Sara has had a tremendous effect on all of her young students on the way they think about food and wiliness to try new foods.


Sara recently put a photo album together of some of the growth over this last year in her classroom.  It is unbelievable how dedicated she is to accomplish so much in her classrooms with F2ECE.

This year the class planted tomatoes for each student, and they took them home.  Lots of the children reported the plants are getting big and are about to put them in their gardens at home!

They “grew our own salad bar” by growing our lettuce and tomatoes. According to Sara, ‘Our tomatoes weren’t quite ripe enough to eat yet but they’re growing, and we’ve enjoyed watching them!  Our lettuce did VERY well!!  We harvested it and added it to a tub of leafy greens along with carrots, peppers, hard cooked eggs (locally sourced), and cheese.  We didn’t have a stitch of anything left over!!  I told the children that this is how we eat our meals at Mrs. Converse’s house.  We go out to the garden and harvest our meals.’


Sara also said, “The kids love this program and I love teaching it.”


Thanks, Sara, for your leadership in teaching F2ECE!

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