National Frozen Yogurt Day February 6!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Frozen Yogurt!!!  February 6 is National Frozen Yogurt Day!  When given a choice, I choose frozen yogurt over ice cream, hands down!  The main difference in the two is that frozen yogurt usually has a tarter flavor and is lower in fat, making it a healthier frozen treat choice.


Did you know that yogurt was first invented over 4,000 years ago in the Middle East and India?  But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the brilliant idea of freezing yogurt created the delicious, creamy frozen treat that many of us love.  When it was first invented, it was only sold in scoops like ice cream.  Soft serve frozen yogurt was first invented in the 1980’s, and it quickly became popular.


It’s easy to find locally made frozen yogurt throughout Iowa.  Just check out Country View Dairy at  They have their frozen yogurt available in a soft-serve machine at their farm store as well as in frozen containers.  Their frozen yogurt is available in different sized tubs at numerous retailers throughout Iowa and the Midwest, in a variety of tempting and delicious flavors.  Besides being so delicious, it is locally made right in the creamery on their Country View Dairy farm from milk from their own dairy cows.


On February 6, take time to pull the lever at your favorite frozen yogurt shop, or get a scoop of your favorite frozen yogurt flavor.  Also check out the freezer section by the ice cream at your local grocery store for delicious frozen yogurt flavors.  Remember you scream, I scream, let’s all scream and celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day.


Author, Vicki Starks, Fayette County F2ECE Associate

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