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A fun way to write a short story is to use pictures in place of words.  Young children will enjoy reading along with the stories by identifying the pictures as you read.  Use your imagination, and let your children help you create the story.


Here are examples just click on links:

Planting our garden picture story

Planting our garden picture story2


Begin by writing a short story in a Word document about a topic your child is familiar with, like an activity you have recently done together.  Then replace some of the words in the story with a clip art picture.  I like using the website, which provides free colorful clipart for children covering a wide variety of topics. This website is very user friendly.  It offers simple tutorials and “Frequently Asked Questions” to assist new users.  You simply need to scroll through to find the image you like, right click on it and click “Copy image”.  Then go to your story document, click where you want to insert the image, right click again and click “Paste”.  Once you have inserted the image, it may be too large, so you will need to resize it. You can do this by clicking on the image and then dragging in the handles that are around the image until you get the desired size.  Something important to know is that the image can be sized “down” but it cannot be made larger without the image looking distorted and fuzzy.


Another neat thing about this website is there are black and white clipart images that can be used in stories or letters that children can color themselves, turning it into a fun art coloring project.


You can save an image from to your computer if you wish, which will save it for future use. Simply right click on the clip art image and select “Save image as” to save it to your computer.  Then with Word open click on the Insert tab at the top left of the program.  Once you’ve selected the insert tab click on the Pictures icon. A window will open that will allow you to import the image into Word from your computer. Double-click the image to insert it into your story in Word.  You will need to resize it as needed.


Another option for clip art pictures is simply doing a Google search, type in the item you are looking for, and click the search button.  Scroll through the choices, and there will be lots of them.  When you find the one you like right click on the image and click “Copy image”.  Go back to your story document, right click where you want the picture to be in your story, and click “Paste”.  You can then crop the picture to whatever size you need to fit into your document.


It is a lot of fun to help your children write picture letters to family and friends this way. It’s a creative and fun way to stay in touch with others.  Picture letters can even be handwritten with pictures drawn by your children.  They can either be mailed, or done as a document on the computer and attached to an email.  Either way, they are a lot of fun, both for the author and the recipients!


Disclaimer: MyCuteGraphics provides free clip art for printing, scrapbooking, teacher created lessons, craft projects, to decorate your blog and more! The clip art you find there is 100% original and free for personal and educational use.

Author: Vicki Starks, Fayette County Food & Fitness F2ECE Associate

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