Fun Ways to Exercise While Staying Home with Your Preschoolers


Now that Spring weather is here, it feels so good to get outside to get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise!  It’s good for our body, mind and soul!  Here are some fun ways to exercise outdoors with your preschooler while maintaining social distancing:


Go for a walk. Be creative and make it fun for your preschooler.  Don’t step on a crack in the sidewalk.  Practice stopping at every corner and looking both ways for cars.  Pretend you are “going on a bear hunt” after reading the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.  Sing songs while you walk.  Use your imagination and your preschooler will join in for some fun and healthy exercise.


Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt during your walk. Whether you are just walking around the block, walking a trail through a park or hiking through the woods, a scavenger hunt is always fun and keeps everyone busy!  Keep items simple for your preschooler to find, like a leaf, a rock, a flower, a bird, a squirrel, something red, etc.  The wonder of nature is an experience that preschoolers love to be exposed to!  Depending on how much exercise you plan to get, it may be a good idea to push a stroller or take along a wagon for tired little legs!


Pick up sticks in your yard. It’s time to start Spring yard work, and preschoolers love to help.  Let them pick up sticks and put them in a pile for you.


Play Ball. Head outside to your backyard with your preschooler and play catch or kick a ball.  Just make sure you do not use any hard balls but go for the ones made for children of their age.



Outside Animals. Place a finish line marker one side of your yard.  Then you and your preschooler stand on the other side of the yard.  Call out an animal, like “Horse!”.  Both of you will then race to the finish line the same way that particular animal would, thus by galloping like a horse.   You can take turns calling out animal names if you wish.


Author; Vicki Starks, Fayette County Food & Fitness F2ECE Associate

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