Warming up inside from the cold

 Warming up inside from the cold


I know we can all be busy and chilled in the winter. We might be busy with kid’s sports everyday of the week, like I am, or rushing to and from work and various evening activities like fundraisers and concerts. Sometimes, it is hard to warm-up. 


I like to always have broth frozen from making that chicken or roast ready to go. I will sometimes take various beans and vegetables and make a quick hearty soup for all of us to warm up with. Broth soups are nice, as they are full of flavor, usually lower in fat and calories and you can use almost any leftovers you have hanging out in your fridge. They are great to pair with a hearty whole-grain bread, or add your leftover rice. You can easily add a bag of frozen mixed veggies to add flavor to change-up and make your soups interesting. 


Soups are nice to add to a thermos to send for lunches for the next day or to have ready when the kids walk home from school. 


A nice warm tea can also help warm your bones after a long, cold day. There are many local herbs you can use to make your own tea or you can purchase teas almost anywhere. Teas can help warm and satisfy you and also help fill you up. If you like a little sweet in your tea consider using local, raw honey. 


Comfort foods can come in the form of lower calorie, healthy options to help keep us satisfied and are easy to make using local ingredients.  


Here is a simple Chicken Soup recipe: 



Author: Jessica Skoda, NE IA Food & Fitness Early Childhood F2ECE Associate

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