44% More Candy on Halloween

Today I was in a waiting room and picked up a recent Better Homes and Garden Magazine to look at.

In the magazine they have a fact page (Your Guide To A Happy, Healthy Life).  A large picture on the page of a ‘one eyed’ cake pop caught my eye.  As I looked closer the fact with it was astonishing to me.

It stated that “44% of parents will eat more candy than their kids on Halloween”. It continued to report, “Hey, we all need an occasional treat. But to avoid the -oops-I-ate- the whole-bag situation, leave the wrappers out so you can see how much you’ve eaten”.


This is good advice – but it does point out as adults who should be role models for our children and we are sending a very mixed message.  I’m not the food police and I willing admit I enjoy a piece of candy now and then.  But really – 44% eat more candy than the kids on Halloween? That’s a lot!


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