Grocery delivery service offered to Postville

Tico Market in Elgin, owned and operated by Tim and Colletta Harnisch, is a full-service grocery store which carries a complete line of fresh meat and produce. The store also offers a delivery service to all residents who live within a 15 mile radius of Elgin. The Harnisch’s have reached out to cover Postville residents as they realize Quillin’s grocery closed permanently last week, leaving the town without a grocery store.


Owner Tim Harnisch said, “My wife and I will handpick your order for you, making sure all items are fresh and to your liking. We deliver every Wednesday for a small fee.”


He continues, “We are currently going to deliver once a week and, if and when the demand grows, we will look at adding additional days. Currently Wednesday afternoons will be the time to deliver.”


Cost, Harnisch said, is minimal and is only intended to cover time taken to gather orders, gas and vehicle expenses. The cost to deliver to Postville has been set at $5.


How do people place orders? From the Tico website: “We know online ordering would be great, however, we don’t think we can justify the expense of launching such a program yet, so you will be able to order one of two ways. Call us at 563-426-5549 and one of our great staff members will be able to take your order and answer any of your questions, or send your order to Please include a phone number where we can reach you if you won’t be able to immediately view your order and reply to emails should we have any questions about your order.”


For same week delivery, all orders must be received by 1 pm on Wednesdays.


Source: Postville Herald, 3/6/19.

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