Walk the Talk

I’m sure you have heard the old sayings ‘You should walk your own talk’ – or ‘Be a good role model’.

Well, as the Early Childhood Coordinator for FFI and after a long week of work …. I still try my best to faithfully do what I promote and believe in.

I had a very productive morning in my garden with great produce today.


Yes, I do garden.

Yes, I know first hand it can be time consuming.

Yes, I cook and feed my family and friends from my garden.

Yes, I preserve food for the none growing months.

And finally – yes, it does taste better and it’s worth trying.


Thank you to all the Early Childhood School Classrooms, Centers and Daycare Sites who take the time to grow a garden, even if it is a container with one plant. You are giving the children the experiential learning to plant, weed, water, harvest and taste.  It can truly be a life changing experience for the children to know how food grows, where their food comes from, the opportunity to taste new foods and the fun of being outside.

Keep up the great work!




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