FFI Bits – June 1

FOOD SYSTEMS – Teresa Wiemerslage & Kayla Koether

WAUKON (Above) Rain showers stayed at bay to provide a small group of local farmers with a beautiful evening tour of Peake Orchards and Dairy on Sunday, May 20. Jeremy and Jodi Peake and their daughters Molly and Leah hosted the farm tour. Some of the group arrived early to see milking in progress in the tie-stall barn. Many of the attendees specialized in other farming systems including vegetable production or small livestock, so there were many in-depth questions about how the dairy production system works from start to finish. More.

EARLY CHILDHOOD – Haleisa Johnson

Eating out this summer with family? Maybe you are going on vacation, going to grandma’s house or just out for a weekend drive. We all stop somewhere to eat on the way. You may want to read this article by the American Heart Association to help you make healthier choices for your family this summer. Starting May 21 things are changing for the better.

ACTIVE LIVING – Ashley Christensen & April Bril

Waukon and Oelwein were each awarded $225 mini-grants by Upper Explorerland to host three or more “Community Walks” from now until March 2018.  This mini-grant funding was made possible as a result of Upper Explorerland’s  participation in last year’s Iowa Walking College, a program offered by the Healthiest State Initiative and the Iowa Department of Public Health to improve walkability around the state.

SCHOOL WELLNESS – FoodCorps and AmeriCorps Service members

Oelwein Horticulture and Plant Science classes worked hard this week tilling up our high tunnel and prepping it for all the vegetables that will grow here this summer. Oelwein FFA

Oelwein kindergartners recently took a field trip to the grocery store to learn about all the different products available.

Farm to School came to the New Albin second graders this spring. The students learned and tasted four different foods grown and produced in Northeast Iowa. The most engaging lesson was focused on beef. The second graders had thoughtful questions on how the animals are raised to how they end up on our plate.  Beef sticks from the City Meat Market in New Albin were also a hit!

During the last week of school, Turkey Valley students participated in PBL courses (problem based learning). Students taking the grilling course prepped different foods and learned the art of grilling.

Nearly 300 students and over 100 family members participated in a full day Wellness event at John Cline Elementary, Decorah. Students enjoyed field day games, running fun at the track, community wellness activities including Taewkondo, Soccer, Yoga, Zumba/Bokwa, and dance.


Food boxes are bags full of locally sourced groceries, delivered weekly to your workplace or community drop-site. Iowa Food Hub has a wide variety of food box options, all filled with fresh and seasonal local food. Explore all of the options and find the one for you! The first season starts the week of June 4 and you can start and stop at anytime. Waukon, New Hampton, Oelwein, West Union


Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. One of the favorite parts of summer is enjoying cooking and eating outside. Cooking and serving food outside can make things a bit more complicated. Unless the picnic is on the deck or patio right outside your door, take precautions to ensure that you are serving safe food.

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