Farmers’ Markets Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

Even though I have my garden planted I still enjoy going to Farmers’ Markets.

They have wonderful produce ready to purchase while my seedlings are just starting to bloom.

I can’t wait for the first fresh taste of summer fruits and vegetables.

Over the years, I have learned a few things going to the markets that I think may be helpful to anyone interested.  I’m sharing some simple tips to make your trip more enjoyable and ‘fruitful’.

  • Take reusable easy to carry bags with you. (Like the one pictured above)
  • Take cash – especially small bills for ease of the farmer making change. Some vendors take EBT or credit cards but not all do.
  • Take a wheeled cart or kid’s wagon with you if you plan to purchase a lot. It will save you trips back and forth.
  • Go early for best selection or if you go later sometimes you may get better deals if you’re not fussy about what you want to purchase. Farmers usually don’t want to take produce home again.
  • Look for ‘seconds’ they may be blemished but still have great flavor and are usually discounted so it’s a bargain.
  • I always want to support the local farmer – make sure the produce was actually grown locally by the farmer who is selling it.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and expand your meals– sometimes I pick something that is new to me and ask them how I can use it or how to peel or cook it. You might be surprised and enjoy the new food.
  • Take your young children (or make it a special outing and only take one each time you visit) it’s the only way they will learn about Farmers’ Markets and another place to buy local food.


Wherever and whenever you go to the next Farmers’ Market this summer – enjoy the trip and the hunt for great produce!

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