It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thanks to the Special Teachers in Early Childhood who take time to ‘Role Model’!


I want to personal thank all the Early Childhood Education Teachers and Daycare Providers who are implementing Farm to Early Care and Education in their classrooms. You are truly making a difference in not only the children’s lives but you are influencing the lives of their families.


I would encourage anyone who has had an aspirating Early Childhood Teacher or Provider in your life or your child’s life to genuinely thank them. So much of how we are as adults begins as young children when we are developing our minds, norms and habits.  Teachers have far more influence in children’s lives than they even know especially when it comes to healthy habits. Thanks for being healthy role models.

Thanks Jolene for your years of teaching!

You are one of many to thank for being a great role model and partner with NE Iowa Food & Fitness.

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