Winter Marathon Challenge Receives Positive Feedback from Participants

We had over 70 submissions from across the region for this year’s Beat the Blues Winter Marathon Challenge! Participants ranged from ages 2-73, some completing multiple “marathons” from January 7-March 3. Here is just some of the positive participant feedback the challenge has received…


“It’s been amazing. I have felt incredibly challenged, and so proud that I walked so many miles. I really walked, and lost 7 pounds……I learned to look at things more, and experience that there is so much out there. It was wonderful, thank you–for the opportunity. Please sponsor it again next year, and promote it more, everywhere!”


“I feel that this helps motivate not only our kiddos but parents as well. In the winter it is just too easy to stay inside, this helps so we are more conscious of getting out!”

“Love the idea! Thanks for involving so many communities!”


“I like that it gave me a goal to work out a certain number of times a week and something to help break up the winter days.”


“It was fun and allowed me to compete against my friends.”


“It gets me outside on the cold days. Keeps me active and not sitting in the house eating!”


“It’s a great idea getting a whole community of people involved!”


Thanks to everyone who took the challenge and made a point to be active outdoors this winter! The encouraging feedback and suggestions for how to make this challenge even better has been wonderful!


Congratulations to the following Winter Marathon raffle prize winners: Michelle Larson of Decorah ($80 Decorah Bicycles rental gift card), Aaron Burkhart of Oelwein (Hutchinson Family Farm Campground canoe and camping gift card), Riannah King of Calmar (Calmar Swim ming Pool), Nick Schutte of New Hampton (Chickasaw Wellness Center), Andi Dibble of Decorah (Cresco Fitness Center), Cassandra Bean of Decorah (Decorah Swimming Pool), Brock Eglseder of Monona (Elkader Swimming Pool), Cici Mueller of Postville (NE Iowa YMCA), Troy Lubahn of Waukon (Waukon Wellness Center), Ava Wegner of West Union (West Union Swimming Pool), and Brady Bukhart of Oelwein (Williams Wellness Center).

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