Celebrating by Sharing Food

The Harvest of the Month for January was Milk!  We have spent this past month celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., launching a White Milk Wednesday Challenge, and enjoying good food together.


I took time to go into the classrooms at Central to teach students how we can celebrate MLK and why we should.  We learned a little about him, and explored and tasted different kinds of Southern foods both in the classroom and in Cooking Club.  In cooking club, we made sweet potato fries and in the classroom shared mini corn bread muffins with local honey.  This month, kids got to share how they could spread love and change the world to make it a better place in order to continue to celebrate MLK.


In the cafeteria, I have been promoting and building excitement around white milk!  The main goal and focus of the White Milk Wednesday Challenge is to reduce the amount of sugar kids are drinking/eating and to choose the healthier choice!  I did this by making signs, giving out stickers and encouragement, and just being positive towards the choice to drink white milk over chocolate milk or other sugared/processed beverages.


We shared a lot of food together, and even made homemade butter from heavy cream and banana milkshakes.  Discussions were built on where milk comes from, what else can be made from milk, and making healthy choices in the things we eat and drink.  Sharing homemade butter on a taste of whole grain bread was a great way to end our celebration of milk this month!

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