“What’s In Grandma’s Grocery Bag”?

Cindy Landt, Early Head Start Home Visitor takes Farm to Early Care and Education  into the Early Head Start 0-3 Transition Room and home environment with families.



Beans were the featured food for November in our ‘Together We Growth Healthy Kids’ curriculum. Cindy began her visits by reading the book “What’s In Grandma’s Grocery Bag”? She then reported, “After reading I opened up my sensory tubs and talked about the different size and color of the beans.  The children started filling small containers using various kinds of scoops, and counted how many scoops it took to fill the containers.   Puzzle pieces were added from a farm puzzle so the students could feed the animals.  There was also a “bean” color work sheet, for an eye-hand coordination project.”


Thanks Cindy for making that connection to our youngest children of where their food comes from.

For more information about Early Head Start go to: http://neicac.org/education

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