Goodnight, Garden

During the beginning of November, Central’s Garden Committee put together a Fall Garden Clean-up Day!  We planned for the day and made a great big to-do list, which mostly included pulling out 1,000 square-feet worth of weeds and dead plant matter.


We had four brave, amazing volunteers. Lorna Moser and Katherine Brown, from the Guttenberg area, are in the process of completing their Master Gardener Training.  We also had Pete Kerns and Natasha Hegmann from Turkey River Farms.  Pete and Natasha are former FoodCorps members and are an essential component to all wellness programs and initiatives at the Central Community School as well as throughout the community.  We are so grateful to have the support, wisdom, and helpful hands of all our volunteers!


It took us over two hours to get our garden all cleaned out so that it will be healthier come Spring. The Garden Club got in the action too! They pulled out kid-sized kale plants and other dead plants from their school garden. They also planted garlic, covered it with straw, and planted a rye cover crop. They thought it was really fun and were so surprised that we were planting things in our garden when snow was about to come! They had various learning experiences through hands-on gardening this fall, I’m excited to see what Spring will bring (besides our garlic popping up of course!). We also had a surprise batch of carrots that we harvested during our Fall Clean-up Day, which the kids got to do a taste test with during Garden Club.


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