Turkey River Farm Field Trip

Last week, we kicked off Garden Club with a field trip to Turkey River Farm!  In celebration of National Farm to School Month farmers Pete Kerns and Natasha Hegmann welcomed us to their farm near Elkport, Iowa.


Pete and Natasha are former FoodCorps service members and hold close ties to the Central Community School District.  They are a valuable relationship and partnership to the school and it’s afterschool programs such as garden and cooking clubs.  They also are involved with things like School Wellness, Garden Committee and much more throughout our local community.


We carpooled to the nearby farm, where some fun activities awaited us and we were so excited!  The Central Garden Club kids got to participate in several different stations to explore Turkey River Farm and engage in experiential, hands-on learning outdoors together!


The kids made garden bracelets as they explored the vegetable production gardens, while learning about some new plants and all about the gardening process. We found new bugs, new smells, and plenty of colorful elements to gaze at.  We also got the opportunity to press apple cider and taste it too! Lastly, we ended the field trip by feeding their pigs the apple scraps that were leftover from pressing cider.  It was so exciting to see the kids interact with the pigs and nature. I continue to be grateful for the support, connections, and partnerships to local farmers and producers.


Happy National Farm to School Month!  Where can you find a local farm to explore and how can you support each other?  Celebrate the harvest season together with gratitude.


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