Month of Melons!

The Harvest of the Month for September has been melons!  At Central Community Schools and Decorah, Monona, Cresco, and Guttenberg Head Starts kids have been learning all about melons.  We have been digging deep into how and where they grow and the different varieties of melons.


Throughout the month we made paper plate melon slices that represented a variety of melon: watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew.  The kids decorated their plates to look like melon slices, and later in the month we connected this lesson to math curriculum.  We did a seed exploration unit and practiced counting and sorting seeds.  In first grade we even practiced math problems with our melon plates and seeds.  The lessons have been successful, because of the hand-on learning component.  The kids are very engaged while they are learning common core curriculum while also connecting it to health and wellness.


At the end of the month, there was even a teacher-led taste test of melon!  This wasn’t any ordinary melon though, it was a yellow melon from the Central Preschool garden!  The students and staff were surprised to cut into the melon and the preschool teachers brought it over to the kindergarten to share some with them since those kids planted it in the spring!  Local melon has also been present and featured in the cafeteria at Central this month.


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