Fresh from the Courtyard Garden – Tomato Salsa

Today was a special day in the Waukon Middle School cafeteria. Not only was it quesadilla day (Yum!), we also had a special guest – tomato salsa entirely sourced from the courtyard garden!

Tomato salsa on the serving line!

In taking over as the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative AmeriCorps service member serving Allamakee schools, I have found that I have BIG shoes to fill. Andrew Blair was the service member in the district for the last two years and truly left an impression on the schools and the community.


He also left quite a bit of produce in the garden for me to harvest and serve to the students! This included bundles of orange cherry tomatoes, plump red paste tomatoes, onions and sweet jalapeños. With such a bounty, I just had to make salsa for the students! It was a real hit – we ran out in no time and the students loved picking up the “I tried it!” stickers. The popularity of the produce grown feet from the classroom surprised me and next time I won’t underestimate the students love of local! Thanks Andrew for helping me hit the ground running.


I’m looking forward to the next Fresh from the Courtyard Garden cafeteria taste test!


From deep in the driftless,


Liz Happ

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