Summertime Salsa

July’s Harvest of the Month was either Sweet Corn or Herbs, and we decided to use both by making an Iowa Sweet Corn Summertime Salsa!  It was a hit for the kids, they loved making it as much as they enjoyed tasting it.


We washed and cut tomatoes, peppers, and onion.  We husked the sweet corn and cut it off the cob.  We squeezed in some lime juice and added a touch of sea salt!  We topped it off by tearing up fresh basil leaves.  The salsa was served with tortilla chips.

Mixing the salsa! Throughout the lesson a lot of fine motor skills were practiced.

As easy as Wash, Eat!  We learned about the importance of washing our food before we cook with it or eat it.

Learning skills and about new tools like scraping the cutting board off with a spatula into our big mixing bowl.

Tearing up the basil leaves.  Using all five of our senses!  We were constantly passing around ingredients and looking, smelling, touching, listening to the sounds they might make when they’re cut or squeezed.  And last but not least we used our sense of taste!

The best part… husking the sweet corn! Getting the kids up out of their seats and excited.

Squeezing a little lime juice into our salsa.

Tasting and offering a thumbs up!

All smiles!


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