Sprout Scouts!

Last week, we led a 3 day summer camp called Sprout Scouts!!


Sprout Scouts is a program created by FoodCorps. They say, “Sprout Scouts is a kids club for elementary aged students aimed at helping them learn what healthy food is, fall in love with it, and eat it everyday. Through fun, hands on activities, Sprout Scouts clubs teach kids how to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food. Sprout Scouts Adventures and activities link Common Core and other academic standards to food and health in fun and engaging ways.”


We hosted three morning sessions for kindergarten through 5th grade gardeners. Some of the activities we did were: journaling, lesson-based snacks, garden maintenance, planting, reading, games, and more! The young gardeners earned pins for a variety of essential gardening tasks. For the “Keep Our Garden Growing” lesson, they earned Caretaking pins, and “Enjoying the Harvest” pins after harvesting pea pods for their “Go, Grow, Glow” snacks. They learned what is inside of a seed, and how the fruit and veggies that they compost at school lunch turn into a valuable, nutrient-rich food for plants. We prepared a bed with finished compost to plant pumpkin and melon seeds that they will enjoy at fall harvest!


It was a very successful three days full of fun adventures and learning experiences. They got to keep their journals, pins, and a brand new Sprout Scouts apron! We are grateful that Central allowed us to utilize their space. They have some amazing young gardeners!


Blog post by: Tess & Kate

Some of the Sprout Scouts after Day 1! Lots of giggles as they showed off their pea pods 🙂

Day 3 Snack: Garden on a Cracker! Sprout Scouts used grated yellow, purple, and orange carrots, beets, broccoli, seeds, and their imaginations to create a garden of flowers, pumpkins, pathways, and produce on a cracker!

Four official Sprout Scouts showing off their 5 badges at the end of a great week!


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