Star Wars and Yoga

With the nice weather and school coming to an end in May, kids have definitely started to get spring fever. Many teachers are noticing their students are having trouble focusing during the day. This month, I wanted to do an activity with the kids that would help them re-focus their thoughts. I found a story online that incorporated Star Wars and Yoga. As a fan of the movies, I was excited to try this with the kids.


We started out doing some breathing exercises, one of them being the “Yoda Pose”. From there we went on to do some more bendy poses like the “Lightsaber” and “Rey’s Pose”.

After we learned all of the poses, I read the story and acted out the poses that went along with it. We started and ended with the “Yoda pose”, which helped the kids feel a sense of calmness after finishing the yoga sequence. I asked the kids if they felt either sleepy or relaxed afterwards. Most said they felt a combination of both. We talked about using deep breathing to calm ourselves down if we are angry or upset, or if we are having trouble falling asleep. Although it was still difficult get K-2nd graders to focus 100% of the time, they did a great job of participating and working hard!


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