Going out with a BIANG

As March comes to an end, Central’s Junior Food & Fitness Club had their last indoor cooking day. From here on, we will be outside in the garden!

To close out cooking club, the other volunteers and I decided to once again expose the students to Asian cuisine. Local farmers and super chefs Pete and Natasha had recently visited China, and knew the kids would love to make the Biang biang noodles they ate on their trip.

The character for biang is one of the most complex Chinese characters, it uses 56 pen strokes.

These homemade noodles only require flour, water, salt, oil and lots of stretching, pulling, and slapping to form their long, flat ribbon shape. Students in kindergarten through 6th grade had fun forming their noodles and competing to see who could make the longest.
For the dish’s sauce, students took turns mixing veggies in the wok with brown rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, and soy sauce. The fresh noodles only need 90 seconds of boiling before they are ready to eat!
We even used chopsticks to eat our dish. Some of the kiddos struggled (including myself) but they were all determined to use the alternative cutlery and refused the forks I offered!
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