Cooking Club Learns Healthy Snack Recipes

This month in cooking club, we focused on making healthy snacks. Previously, I had asked the kids what they wanted to make at the next cooking club. I presented them with a few options, one of my favorites being kale chips. To my surprise, a majority of the kids wanted to make kale chips. Some of the 4th graders at New Hampton remembered when I did a taste test in the beginning of the school and remembered enjoying them.

The trick to get perfectly crispy kale chips is to make sure the leaves are completely dry after you wash them and then massaging the leave with tiny amount of olive oil. We seasoned our kale chips with just sea salt. This helped the students learn that a little bit of seasoning will go a long way in bringing out the flavor.

Everyone enjoyed how the kale chips turned out and wanted to make it again at home!


We also were able to make some simple sweet potato fries, tossed in olive oil and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Tune in April to see what we will cooking next!

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