Weekly Bits – March 3

(Above) Thanks to a donation from the Bill Weigel Memorial, St. Joseph’s school purchased stationary bikes for their library. The students will be able visit the library, checkout a book and read while working out. They also purchased multiple exercise peddlers that the students can use in their classrooms while sitting at their desks.


FOOD SYSTEMS – Teresa Wiemerslage & Kayla Koether

A home garden provides fresh produce that family, friends and neighbors can enjoy throughout the growing season. Inevitably, there will be excess produce harvested, providing an easy way to make an impact on a community. Donating produce from a vegetable garden to a local food pantry can help give those without access to fresh and healthy foods an opportunity to incorporate them into their diets. A new publication from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, “Top 13 Vegetables to Donate to Food Pantries” (HORT 3068), provides information on the type of vegetables food pantries are most in need of.


EARLY CHILDHOOD – Haleisa Johnson

Check out the Spring newsletter from Fayette County Farm to Preschool.


ACTIVE LIVING – Ashley Christensen
Plan a BIKING FIELD TRIP this spring for your 4th, 5th or 6th grade classroom! The Iowa Bicycle Coalition wants to bring these fun (and safe) day trips to students across the state. Interested in learning more? Contact Troy Carter with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at troy@iowabicyclecoalition.org or 319-631-3933.



Members of the FFI 4-H Regional Youth Leadership Team met in Postville this week. In this activity, they were given words that reflect youth activities in schools and the students added words that described their contribution as wellness ambassadors.


SCHOOL WELLNESS – FoodCorps and AmeriCorps Service members

A DAY OF LOVE  “On Valentine’s day, students across the United States bring empty boxes to school with hopes of filling it with sweet cards and even sweeter treats. I’m not quite sure that the day focuses on “love” and “appreciation” anymore. In my opinion, Valentines day is that one day that all the healthy school rules go out the window and kids get to eat candy until their belly aches.


“As a service member brought in to create a healthier school environment, I found myself wanting to go into hiding on this day. I questioned whether or not I should be present in the schools. After back and forth thinking, I realized that I absolutely need to be in the school on Valentine’s day. It may be one of the most important days to show kids they don’t need candy to show their appreciation to one another,” writes Lauren Albritton, FoodCorps, Oelwein.



HOW MUCH SHOULD MY CHILD BE EATING? This is a question that every parent asks themselves. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. The answer depends on the age of the child, whether or not they are going through a growth spurt, the health status of the child, and other factors that we do not even understand. Here are some resources to make sure your child is on track.

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