Vegetables for Valentine’s Day

Last week, I visited Turkey Valley on Valentine’s Day!  I wanted to make it really fun, special, and of course healthy!


Schools on this particular day can often be full of sugary treats, but I wanted to change things up.  I was up late the night before assembling the healthy treats that I was going to bring into five classrooms.  I also wanted some extras for the teachers!  It took longer than expected, but they turned out great.


After all the hard work prepping these tasty treats, I was a little worried that the kids might not be as excited about them as I was.  I was wondering if they would even taste them, let alone like them.  I went into Turkey Valley that day with a brave face smiling face as always and was just excited to encourage the kids to Try New Things!  I was able to create a few different lesson plans to go along with the healthy treats.


In kindergarten and first grade we talked about and illustrated foods we love (since it was Valentine’s Day)!  In the third grade, I connected the snack to a Go, Grow, Glow lesson and talked about the benefits of the different food groups for our bodies!


I also had the opportunity to tell the kids that I used to not like tomatoes, but now after trying them again I love them!  It turned out that they did not like them, they loved them too!  I was very surprised that they were all so willing to try them (a lot of kids for the first time trying cherry tomatoes) and that the majority of them gave a thumbs up!


Days like these really remind me why the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative, Food Corps, and programs similar to these are so valuable.  My heart was very happy leaving the school that day knowing that the kids had Vegetables for Valentine’s Day!

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