Thumbs up for Yogurt!

If you’re an avid Food & Fitness blog reader, you’ve seen Kate Lower’s post on Carrots with Yogurt. She found an awesome Story in Motion that brings students on an imaginary field trip to a dairy farm, which I was quick to steal for my lessons in the Central preschool classrooms.


After hopping onto a bouncy bus to the dairy farm, the kiddos carried out actions for milking and feeding cows, carrying buckets and spraying the barn clean. Things got pretty silly as their imaginations took them farther into the dairy farm, but overall they were very good helpers to the imaginary farmer.


We finished the lesson with a taste of plain Country View yogurt. I knew I wouldn’t be very popular with the preschoolers if I made them taste the plain yogurt as is, so they stirred in a bit of honey. I’m happy to report that it got mostly thumbs up!

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