Carrots with your Yogurt

Happy New Year, happy new foods to learn all about!  January’s “Harvest of the Month” is yogurt.  Yogurt can be found local here in Northeast Iowa.  Country View Dairy Farms is located near West Union and Hawkeye, Iowa.  I’ve began the month with lessons about Dairy Farms.


We have been doing Stories in Motion! A Story in Motion tells a story while the kids get to act out the various actions throughout that story. This gives the kids not only an opportunity to learn, but to also get active, engaged, and to utilize their beautiful imaginations.  It’s a great way to accommodate various learning styles as well.


The particular story in motion that I did in the Head Start classrooms was an adventure to a local Dairy Farm!  We hopped on the bus, put on some big boots, walked to the barns, milked the cows, scooped feed for the cows, swept the barns, and so much more as we learned about where yogurt comes from and how it’s made!


After we learned that most yogurt is made from milk, which most of the time in Iowa comes from cows, we talked about sugar in flavored yogurt vs. plain yogurt, brushing our teeth after eating sugary yogurt, and what would be yummy to add on top of our plain yogurt!  You guessed it from the title of my blog… carrots!


This was a common theme that the head start kiddos thought might be fun to add to our yogurt.  Along with granola, berries, cereal, chocolate chips, they decided carrots would be good too!  Yes!  Another way to get your veggies in!  We tasted local Country View Dairy Farms Yogurt, and I decided that I may need to put in a word about a new flavor request. Carrot yogurt!  Hope you have fun trying new recipes with yogurt, mixing up some smoothies, using yogurt as a substitution in your next recipe, or just adding local yogurt as a healthy snack option!  (And as always, don’t forget your veggies!

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