We Welcome Marie Warner as FFI Summer Intern

Hello all! My name is Maria Warner, and I come to you from a small Western Wisconsin town quite like my current residence in Decorah, called Onalaska. I have spent the past three years studying Environmental Science and Biology at Luther College, and let me tell you, the years truly fly!

Maria Warner Pic

This summer I will be working alongside the Northeastern Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative as a summer intern. So far I have been able to help out with educational booths at the Decorah Farmers Market, and I’ve spent the last two weeks roaming around prairies, gardens, hiking through the forest, camping under the stars and much more with the Discovery Camps held by Luther! Basically, I’m living out my dream of spending hours outside and having a blast with swarms of children.


Apart from working recreationally, I enjoy spending my time playing soccer with my teammates; this year will be my final year playing competitive soccer for the Luther College Women’s Soccer team –Go Norse! I’m also taking full advantage of Decorah’s running and biking trails due to my constant need to get outside and move!


I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel during my time at Luther voyaging to Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam, and my travel bug has definitely been awoken through the work that I do at school. After my senior year, I aspire to travel more and help promote environmental and sustainability awareness everywhere I go. I’m confident that my work this summer with FFI will help promote better understanding and lessons on ways to get people involved in healthy eating developing into healthy lives! For my future I would love to be involved in ecotourism where I can use my passion for adventure and travel to help educate people from all areas around the globe on responsible ways to help conserve our environment. Happy people are healthy people!

See you around!


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