North Winneshiek Health and Science Fair

Many North Winn students, parents and community members attended our health and science fair after school March 10. Coordinated by our School Wellness Team, we combined events to increase interest and attendance. Participants could pick up a “passport” and have it stamped by exhibitors to earn a prize.


Health fair exhibits included smoothies made on the Food & Fitness Initiative (FFI) “Bike Blender.” The recipe had been adapted earlier in the semester by North Winn 3rd graders, who assisted FFI’s Ashley Christensen to operate the bike. Many students took a turn pedaling the stationary bike and then sampling the smoothies.


North Winn 2nd graders taste-tested various graGranola Girlsnola ingredients the week before the fair, and mixed their recipe to make samples for fair-goers. Their exhibit included students’ posters with the recipe and health benefits of the granola ingredients.


All North Winn 6th, 7th and 8th graders had spent several seeks collecting data, making conclusions and creating displays on a variety of human and animal health topics. One display sampled alternatives to sweetened beverages.


Luther College nursing students also presented participatory displays including the “Glow Germ” hand-washing activity, stress prevention and relief, and simple tests of cranial nerves.


The health and science fair was followed by a basketball game between combined student and staff named the Fruit and the Vegetables, to continue the health theme.





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