New Hampton Taste-Testing

Taking part in New Hampton Community School’s wellness committee Jolene Rosonke is excited to announce the beginning of kindergarten through twelfth grade taste-testing.


One of the first tasting will be of butternut squash that will be delivered from the Iowa Food Hub in West Union so it will be locally grown.


Rosonke said adult volunteers will help prepare and serve the foods to the students and she will be working with Farm Bureau Chickasaw County representative for Ag in the Classroom Linda Burgart on the education of the healthy foods.


Working with FFA Advisor Jim Russ will also be a big part in the education of healthy foods because Rosonke said she and her students would possibly be growing some things in the FFA greenhouse located at the high school.


Rosonke said grant money is helping make this all possible along with the Northeast Iowa Food Fitness Initiative which has a six county area.


She and other members of the New Hampton Community School staff will also be attending a conference.


Source: New Hampton Tribune online, 1/24/16.

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