Trying new things!

“Did you know that sometimes we have to teach our tongue to like things?”


“Sometimes we have to try things many times before we like it!”


“Don’t be afraid to keep trying!”


These are phrases that you’ll probably hear coming from many of the lessons that we teach as Food and Fitness resource contacts. We are all about teaching kids to try new things – to be adventurous – to challenge themselves.


It seems like such small act – getting a child to try that sweet potato which they’re pretty unsure about but then end up LOVING. But actually this is a HUGE act.


Trying a new food not only opens a child’s eyes to a new favorite snack, but also shows  them that they can do so much more than they think, or than what others think of them.


So often we label food as “adult food” and “kid food…” but isn’t food just, well… food? Shouldn’t we let the kids try it all – teach them that there are no boundaries to what their tongue might like? No boundaries to what they can accomplish?


Who would have thought that kids like kale? Beets? Kohlrabi? Spinach? Well, we have some pretty fun stories of how kids do like… actually LOVE these things… and yes, we do have our fair share of challenging stories, but we always follow these up with encouraging kids to keep trying – to keep going.


Showing them that we believe in them transcends into all areas of their lives and makes new things seem less daunting – tasks more manageable.


So what if we all followed this motto? Keep trying! Teach yourself to like it!


What if we chose one of these? Tried one of these? Keep trying to get outside everyday and go on a 22 minute walk. Keep trying to eat one more serving of fruit and vegetables every day. Keep trying to practice good posture. Keep learning to love your body and treat it well. Keep making it a goal to eat at least one meal together as a family.


Keep trying!


When we look at things this way, they’re not as daunting, not as scary. We’re all in this together and we have the power of accomplishing much. Keep trying!


Don’t give up!


2 thoughts on “Trying new things!

  1. Food is just that… FOOD 🙂 It’s amazing how many of us forget that there are sooo many options out there for us to explore! Thanks for this post!

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