Cabbage Isn’t Just In The Patch Anymore!

Jesse Waller Rainbow Land’s Director and Preschool Teacher in Fayette had a great experience with cabbage and her students. “My children didn’t know cabbage, they called it salad. I displayed green and purple cabbage and we talked about different ways to eat it… soup, baked, raw, with brats or hotdogs, etc.. All the kids ate coleslaw.” she commented. “One family grew it in their garden and after talking about cabbage the little girl says ohhhh I grow this.” The cabbage was even invited to their Halloween party since they had cabbage that day.


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At West Elementary in Waukon Preschool Teacher, Jill Roffman reported, “A very interesting month with cabbage. The kids did a great job trying the cabbage and I even had one little girl that suggested we made it into a salad with cheese croutons and ranch. It turned out pretty good!



Below, Northeast Iowa Food & Fitness Service Member, Andrew Blair is helping introduce local cabbage to the preschool students at West Elementary  in Waukon though literacy and cooking.


Darcy Wemark, Preschool Teacher at Sunflower in Decorah said, “We had the lettuce with cabbage and carrots mixed together. A few questioned it as we ate, thinking it was maybe onions. One boy knew already that it was cabbage. We then had a discussion about cabbage! Most couldn’t even taste it in their lettuce!”

Eating fresh cabbage in a salad is a great way to expand children’s nutrition and introduce the local food.

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