Love for Raspberries!!!

Decorah Community School District Elementary Learner Advocate, Shanna Putnam- Dibble lead West Side preschoolers last month as they explored raspberries with a mystery bag.  First they passed a bag (with raspberries) around the circle and students explored the raspberries with their senses of smell and touch (but no peeking).  Then they asked students to guess what the mystery food was – raspberries!



Students did a raspberry taste test and then helped prepare raspberry crisp.  Throughout the month the children learned about “MyPlate” and the fruit group. They did food group sorts, and on the last day they made raspberry parfaits – the kids loved them!

preparing_raspberry_crisp  yogurt_parfaits


Here are some of Shanna’s favorite quotes from the kiddos:

  • “These parfaits are fantastic!”
  • “I need mom to bring home some raspberries.”
  • “This is AWESOME!  You have to tell my mom to make it!”



MFL Mar Mac preschool teacher Nicole Gray did some comparing last month between raspberries and apples in her classroom since raspberries were the fruit they focused on in September. They talked about  similar things that they noticed; both fruits and are red. Some  differences were: where they grow, we eat the seeds in raspberries and apples have skin. The students tried fresh raspberries and then enjoyed some homemade raspberry jam that was generously donated to their classroom.



Lydia Guyer Director at the NICC Child Development Center in Calmar and Jill Sebastian Preschool Teacher reported the preschool program used berries as a theme in September. They had four different types of berries for the children to see differences while discussing the dozens of types of berries available.


Raspberries smoothies

Pictured was their favorite part…berry smoothies at NICC CDC


Thanks to these teachers for participating in Farm to Preschool and connecting children with where their food comes from and introducing it to children who had not tasted raspberries before.

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