Chickasaw greenhouses spur tourism

By Emily Schwickerath, New Hampton Tribune, 7/1/15.


The amount of greenhouse availability in Chickasaw County is quite unique.


That unique quality isn’t only helping the businesses in the area, but Chickasaw County’s tourism industry as well.


Besides Theisens, Fareway, Shopko, Morris Landscaping, the House of Flowers and other businesses offering a greenhouse, some of the mennonite families in the area have them opening in the spring through the fall as well.


Having so many in our community, 11 in fact, allow others to make the day or weekend trip from surrounding communities and states to shop hop and go to many businesss in a short time frame.


“The last two years have had an explosion of interest in our local greenhouses,” New Horizons-Chamber of Commerce and Chickasaw County Tourism Director Jason Speltz said.


Speltz thinks the interest has grown because of the DIY, do it yourself, movement sweeping the nation. Watching TV or flipping through a magazine can inspire new ideas into people who want to try and accomplish the project themselves sending them out to get their own plants and greenery at the greenhouses.


Another reason the local greenhouses have been getting so much business, according to Speltz, is the thought that people like buying local and knowing where their produce and flowers are coming from.


As Speltz has gone out to the local greenhouses he has met people from all over the state coming to Chickasaw County. The Chamber Office has also had requests for their brochures and pamphlets about the different greenhouses to be sent out as well.

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