Adventures with Andi: Literacy, Food and Fun!

Literacy, Food and Fun!

My daughter Andi and I are part of a Toddler Book Club in Decorah.   Each month we meet up with good friends to read books, play, create masterpieces, and eat yummy snacks.   Last month our host read the book Lunch by Denise Fleming. We were able to combine literacy, healthy foods, and fun! The book follows a very hungry mouse as he fills his tummy with delicious vegetables.  After reading the story the kids pretended to be little mice, using their fingers to scurry across paper with paint colors coinciding with the vegetables in the story.

Explore healthy eating habits through literacy with these fantastic books for young children. Use these entertaining stories to spark your child’s imagination and open his/her mind to healthy foods.  Happy reading!

Lunch                                                                          by Denise Fleming

Gregory, the Terrible Eater                                           by Mitchell Sharmat

Eating the Alphabet                                                      by Lois Ehlert                                               

How Did that Get in My Lunch Box?                             by Chris Butterworth

The Boy Who Loved Broccoli                                       by Sara Creighton

Tyler Makes Spaghetti                                                  by Tyler Florence

Green Eggs and Ham                                                   by Dr. Seuss

Alice Waters and the Trip to Delicious                            by Jacqueline Briggs

The Peanut Pickle                                                          by Jessica Jacobs

Yum! Yum!!                                                                     by Joanne Fitzgerald

To Market, To Market                                                      by Nikki McClure

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato                                 by Lauren Child

Picky Peggy                                                                   by Jennifer Dussing

The Monster Health Book                                               by Edward Miller


Healthy Eating Tip: Kids should have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day!


IMG_1759 (1) Lunch by Denise Fleming and a fun and healthy snack of fruits and vegetables to go with it!


IMG_1763 Andi loved her fruit and veggie tray!


IMG_1758Toddler Book club friends enjoying their


IMG_1769Rya, Leo, and Jack painted mouse prints together after the story


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