Decorah Schools – I’ll Miss You!

Well, it’s official. The last day of school is complete. While it was just the last day of school IMG_1356until August for the students of the Decorah Community School District, it was my last day of school in Decorah as their Resource Contact and it was pretty bittersweet. While I am looking forward to all the fun that summer brings, I have so much that I’m going miss when I’m no longer the AmeriCorps Service Member for this wonderful school district.


Here are just a few:


  1. Supportive teachers, food service staff, and administrative professionals who always have my back and try their best to help me with whatever I need
  2. Students who are always enthusiastic, excited to see me, and willing to try new IMG_1325things
  3. Being in charge of school gardens. They never fail to remind me of the magic that is growing food and sharing it with others
  4. Being autonomous. I love that I am trusted to accomplish tasks without being micromanaged and on my own schedule
  5. Laughing on a daily basis. Whether I’m being told how human babies hatch out of eggs or what the tooth fairy brought – working with these kids has brought me such joy
  6. The unpredictability. Sometimes it’s a bean up a nose, a snot explosion over a lunch tray, or puking up kale salad… One thing is for certain – it’s never dull!
  7. Having all of my passions in one place. Gardening, eating good food, and working with kids are definitely three of my favorite things to do – it has been such a privilege to get to do all three on a daily basisIMG_1317
  8. The love. If you’ve never experienced a giant group hug from a gaggle ofkindergartners, let me tell you – you’re missing out
  9. Continuing to learn. Not a week goes by that I don’t learn how to be a better teacher, be more patient, or a better communicator
  10. Using my strengths. I have had the opportunity to tailor this position to where I’m successful – Logistics, organizing, managing, leading – I can do it all and do it better because of what I’ve learned being an AmeriCorps Service Member

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