With Summer Just Around the Corner…

As a human, I think we can all use constant reminders to sip a little more water throughout the day. At least that’s the approach I took. Put down the soda/juice/sports drink & pick up a glass of water!


We hear it all the time: that we need to drink more water… To our health! It’s incredibly beneficial for all parts of our bodies. Ultimately, I think water is the best choice, it’s definitely an “anytime drink,” and it’s FREE! This really shouldn’t be a hard sell… But I was prepared to be convincing.


Have you tried naturally flavored water before? As in, just cut up some fruit and add it to your pitcher. In a marketing attempt, I brought in “fancy water” for students to sample. Different classrooms tried, raspberry, pineapple mint, or orange and lemon water with me. It’s another way to encourage more consumption by adding just a hint of flavor to the otherwise plain beverage.


Because I hate even the idea of soda, we also dove right into the topic of sugar. These lessons are really one in the same, people. Did you know that at the very most, we should only consume 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day? And one can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar! Students saw how many teaspoons of sugar were in different products by reading food labels, we did sugar trivia, looked at how sugar affects our ENTIRE body, and got to taste test banana ice cream.


I’d love to share the recipe so everyone can enjoy when your sweet tooth hits hard:


Banana “Ice Cream”

Frozen banana chunks


Puree in a food processor or blender until smooth. Enjoy!


It’s one ingredient, delicious, and no sugar added. Grab a glass of pineapple mint water to have alongside your tasty dessert and pretend you’re on the beach! Now if only we had those sizzling summer temps…





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