Lettuce Eat Salad

There has been a new addition to the Turkey Valley hot lunch! Students in grades 7-12 now have the option to take salad bar every Wednesday.


Doesn’t the salad bar look great?!?!


This was a great collaboration of students, administration, food service and myself. Students voiced at the beginning of the year that they would like to have a second option for school lunch. Their idea was to incorporate a salad bar into their school lunch. As the Resource Contact, I helped facilitate meetings between administration and food service, but it was really the kids that voiced their need and desire to have this option.


After several months of collaboration, cooperation and negotiation the students now have a salad bar. It is their hope that by having a salad bar their peers will make healthier choices and develop the ability to make healthier choices whenever possible. I was impressed with their professionalism and drive to keep pushing and voicing their needs. It takes a strong student body to make a change these young adults are going to make great leaders. I am so proud of their hard work and determination, they make my job worth it!

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