It’s like Summer… in the Greenhouse!

During the last two weeks, Decorah 1st grade students went on a field trip all the way P1040373across the street to the greenhouse at the high school. This was my second time planning this field trip and man, it was so much easier the second time around! I was much less stressed, felt much more capable, and this year, everything went off without a hitch!


Students were divided into four groups and got to participate in four stations: filling flats and writing tags, planting/watering seeds, doing taste testing with spinach and lettuce, and looking at compost and worms.


P1040368It was so much fun to see kids get their hands dirty and spend some time in the warmth of the greenhouse – especially with all the snow we have outside! I got to be in charge of the compost and worm station. Kids were so excited to have the chance to hold worms. Their faces as the worms wiggled in their hands were priceless!


I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help from my fellow service members and Claire, a John Cline parent, who volunteered to run some of the stations, as well as the teachers who were willing to bring their classes over and get their hands dirty themselves.


And now, more pictures!


Even Mrs. Sheppard, the High School Principal, stopped by!

P1040374 P1040366



Thank you poster from Ms. Peterson’s class

P1040360 P1040361 P1040363 P1040357

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