Tiny Seeds with Tiny People

Today, I taught a brief lesson to one of Oelwein’s Head Start classrooms. We talked about their school garden and how we would be planting seeds there soon. Each student had the opportunity to look at and touch the seeds that we will plant this spring and summer. As the students passed around a ziplock bag full of watermelon seeds, I explained that “these tiny seeds will grow into huge watermelons”. One four-year-old boy’s eyes got really big as he excitedly reacted with a “WOAH!!”. I could not agree more. Also, I could not help but think that those tiny four and five year old students are so similar to the tiny watermelon seeds, full of infinite possibility and promise.


Happy first week of spring from Oelwein!



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Molly Schintler

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Molly is a grower of food and equality. She is serving as a FoodCorps member with the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative in her home state, Iowa, in the city of Oelwein. As a service member, she will work with K-12th graders teaching nutrition and garden education. Prior to serving with FoodCorps, Molly toured North America planning and hosting farm dinners with Outstanding in the Field, spent a season as a farm apprentice at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, and managed a community garden project growing local, organic produce for the Johnson County Crisis Center. Molly believes in the power of growing love and leafy greens.

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