Smoothies for EVERYONE

One of the great things about working for the Food & Fitness Initiative, is that much of our work overlaps between communities. That’s the beauty of living and serving a rural, close-knit region. Between events and projects, we get to meet and interact with people, especially students, from all over our 6-county reach.


Sometimes when my school has the day off, I like to make more work for myself find fun ways to stay involved! I’ve been making green smoothies like mad with my students in West Union, I even dressed up like a Mad-hatter/Leprechaun for a green smoothie taste test in the Valley cafeteria. My mom, a second grade teacher in Decorah, caught wind of my green smoothie shenanigans… because I directly told her, practically squealing with excitement. Let’s spread the joy!

image7 (2)

I gladly accepted my mom’s invitation to visit her classroom to present a short lesson and make green smoothies with her students. I think everyone got a kick out of it, myself included. We even took the time to create our own smoothie recipes with other color themes for what might be your “perfect smoothie”.

image6 (2)




image1 (2)



I love brainstorming random smoothie ingredients and thinking about what foods might compliment each other… or maybe just using random fruits & vegetables left in the fridge. Some students got really creative with their ideas. I tried to encourage students to think about adding some sort of vegetable to their recipes, especially since it often doesn’t alter the overall flavor. I shared some of my own veggie additions I’ve tried before: spinach, kale, swiss chard, greens mix, carrots, pumpkin, beets, jicama, sweet potatoes, etc. Not everyone needs to be as unique with their smoothie ingredients, but it’s all about trying something new and thinking outside the box. Plus, you never know until you try!


What does your perfect smoothie look like?



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