Extra Cheese, Please!

We all know pizza is one of the favorite foods of a preschooler. But where does the cheese come from?

Recently all the children at West Union Head Start class had the opportunity to make their own personal pizza after reading the book Extra Cheese, Please!: Mozzarella’s Journey from Cow to Pizza by Cris Peterson.

If you haven’t read this great book about milk, here is a little sneak peak. When Cris Peterson’s cow Annabelle gives birth to a calf, an amazing process begins. Now Annabelle can produce milk — about 40,000 glasses of milk each year, or enough cheese to top 1,800 pizzas. Alvis Upitis’s sparkling photographs document the cheese-making process — starting on the farm where Annabelle’s calf is born and milking begins, then moving to the cheese-making plant where the milk is heated and cooled, stirred and swirled, thickened, drained, and sliced, and finally packaged for stores. Cris Peterson’s personal and informative text explains the process in a simple and engaging manner. It is a wonderful collaboration concluding with the author’s own recipe for pizza.

Photo_5Mozzerella's Journey from Cow to Pizza

So fun to cook together!

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