A Special Co-op Visit

A couple of weeks ago Johanna Bergan, who is the education and outreach coordinator for the co-op, asked me if I would be willing to help lead a co-op tour and activity for John20150206_100243_resized Cline’s special education classes. Immediately I answered YES! and began thinking about various activities we could do with students with varying levels of ability.


We decided to start off with rainbow taste tests in the produce section of the co-op. Johanna and I perused all of the options and decided on tomatoes, blood oranges, clementines, yellow carrots, avocado, blueberries, and purple smoothie to finish things off. It was tricky navigating 13 students and 11 aids all within a relatively small area, but it went really well overall! Some things were decidedly not a favorite (tomatoes) or were brand new to kids (blood oranges), but 20150206_100020_resizedeveryone enjoyed the smoothie and clementines which were more familiar – especially for kids that don’t always like to get outside their comfort zone.


Next, some of us headed to the café area to work on our cooking skills. I gave everyone a romaine knife to use, which is plastic and overall a great choice to use with students that have minimal experience using knives. Then, each child got a banana and a piece of cucumber to cut into circles and then peanut butter and hummus to practice spreading.


This class was something that I never had the opportunity to do last year, so it was a great experience to learn how to adapt what I typically do at the co-op to a different group of kids.


Getting ready to leave after a fun-filled hour at the co-op!


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  1. Awesome post! What a terrific experience… for everyone!! This exposure & delightful fieldtrip for children and their teachers is so important.

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